Thursday, June 14, 2007

G-U-I-L-TY...... maybe not......

The trial of deposed President Joseph "Erap" Estrada has been a circus. It has been a source of contradictions or I would rather say it has been an oxyMORON. The prosecutor claims that victory is within their sights, but the evidences suggest otherwise. On the other hand, Erap was supposed to be in prison but instead he manages to attend most of his outside endeavors. Now that the verdict is about to be served, a lot of people are still thinking if our justice system can be objective and fair.

The nation is divided when it comes to the guilt of Erap. Here are the reason why Erap might be convicted and at the same time acquitted.

He will be convicted because:

  • The government will place its hand on the case. Of course President GMA will have her opinion heard.
  • It took 6 years to end the case. The prosecutors will be favored because they can pile up their evidences.
  • The Philippines is known for breaking records. This will be a classic proof of that statement.
  • The judges will be pressured by the possible repercussions of Erap's acquittal. It has to be remembers that these judges have ambitions that wrest on the administration.
  • Convicting Erap is easier because he can be reprieved in the future. Acquitting Erap, however, is a different story.

He will be acquitted because

  • The evidence of the government is weak.
  • Having Chavit Singson testifying against Erap is a blessing for the former President.
  • The judges have no testicular fortitude to pull the trigger.
  • Erap will no longer regain the power that he had once.
  • The former President's legal team is just that good.

It is hard to predict the exact events that will transpire in relation to this case. Guilty or not, life will still go on for most of us. But isn't it better when our lives are lived in a soceity that promotes justice and equity. Sweet!!!


THE ANiTOKiD said...

As Erap's fate hang in the balance, so is the country's image in front of the world. After all, an acquittal will not only bring questions (though dumb sometimes) on the legitimacy of the incumbent government, it will also further add blemish to the already tarnished image of the Republic's judicial system.

And can't I get it out of my mind - that blogpost about Atong Ang's temporary liberty. Was that the government's way of testing the waters? I've always knew there was something fishy behind that decision. Hmmmm....the link can be found at

What do you think, thinker?

Dine said...

a circus really! and we can never tell...let's wait for some more time, and we'll see.

花生豆花Alex said...


Anonymous said...

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