Monday, February 26, 2007

Ten Count: Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao recently changed his direction from boxing to politics. Before his dramatic and phenomenal rise to fame, I used to see him in a boxing program called Blow by Blow. In that show, Pacquiao has demonstrated his power and sheer determination to succeed. Although I respect Pacquiao as a boxer, he appears to be highly overrated. I have more than enough reasons to justify my claim, and I will name the 10 most glaring realities.

10. Pacquiao never had a sterling amateur boxing career, which most of the greatest boxers had. It is evident in his techniques and basic foundations.

9. The resurgence of Pacquiao has to be credited to Freddie Roach. The world renowned trainer is highly responsible for whatever Pacquiao can do inside the ring.

8. Power and speed aside, the physical facets of Pacquiao is a major problem. Assuming that he will decide to move up in the weight classifications, his chances of winning will be slim.

7. In boxing patience is always a virtue. It is a pity that Pacquiao is easily overpowered by frustration when unable to connect.

6. Methodical and deliberate boxers can easily handle Pacquiao. Once his opponent realizes this, the Pacman is doomed. Just remember Juan Manuel Marquez.

5. The most compelling weakness of Pacquiao is his inability to withstand body punches. Eventually, this hole will be exposed by one of his adversaries.

4. Pacquiao is in a generation when most of the prized fighters are either washed up or beginning to decline. Indeed, Pacquiao defeated an "old" Barrera and and "aging" Morales.

3. Slowly, the head of Pacquiao bloated. His decision to avoid some of the better fighters today will haunt him in the future.

2. Pacquiao may not be in his 30s, but his body is starting to deteriorate. He started boxing at 17 and that will ultimately spell trouble.

1. Finally, Pacman is still one-dimensional. Despite all the makeovers done by Roach, Pacquiao will never attain what others have.

Since Pacquiao is not that a master in his own craft, then I suggest that he get out of politics.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Fantasy 10

I am a huge baseball fan and the upcoming season has given me that immesurable excitement. Aside from the games, fantasy baseball also opens it curtains to aficionados and occasional enthusiasts. Basically, this post is dedicated to the likely players I will pick when given the oppotunity to complete a 'dream team'. Although I am not an expert, my picks are based on performances and the ability of the players to deliver the necessary points.

10. David Ortiz (DH)..... For a player who hit 40+ HRs and 120+ RBIs, this slot is automatic. Aside from these stats, Ortiz is clutch and always perform consistently.

9. Ichiro Suzuki (OF)..... Despite of the recent slides, Ichiro is still one of the best lead-off hitters in the Majors. His batting percentage is superior, which means that power hitters will be motivated to play big.

8. Alfonso Soriano (OF)..... The guy has all the upsides to be a top fantasy player. Aside from the power, Soriano has the speed and can be designated as the No. hitter.

7. Vernon Wells (OF)..... This position is loaded with talented players. I picked Wells because he can be good at bat and consistently play well defensively.

6. Jose Reyes (SS)..... This Met dynamo is one of the up and coming stars of the league. Last year was a breakout and this year will be nothing less than phenomenal.

5. Alex Rodriguez (3B)..... The most talented and highest paid player in the league sure have issues. But one thing that favors ARod is his consistent delivery in the plate.

4. Chase Utley (2B)..... I consider Utley the most underrated player in the league. Last year, he had several hitting streaks that have great interest from both fans and media.

3. Albert Pujols (1B)..... The best fantasy team in incomplete without the best player in the league. For the past years, Pujols has been closely included in the MVP balloting and was clearly robbed last year.

2. Joe Mauer (C).... These days, a catcher with great hitting skills is a rare commodity. Although the position is demanding, Mauer responded by leading the league in batting average. The scary thing is that he has yet to reach his prime.

1. Johan Santana (SP).... There is only one word to describe this player; 'dominant'. At times his pitch can be hittable, but most of the time, his stuff is unbelievable.

If I have this players in my MLB team the batting order will look like this: 1. Suzuki; 2. Soriano; 3. Pujols; 4. Ortiz; 5. Rodriguez; 6. Mauer; 7. Reyes; 8. Utley; 9. Wells. Indeed, this team is destined towards fantasy overhaul.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Economic Growth in Question? Here are 10 Reasons Why...

Recently, several news were flashed informing the general public on the perceived economic growth experience by the country. Although figures were presented, it is hard to agree with the pronouncement made by the government on the status of our economy. Forget about the numbers, but the idea of promoting hyped growth appears to be misleading. Economists will provide in-depth analysis that will contradict such claim. Simple observation, however, can guide you to justifications refuting the government's press release.

10. It is hard to believe on figures when these are extracted from estimates. The government provides economic targets and computes for growth using various mechanisms. Accordingly, these computation tools are highly flexible to satisfy the targets even without factual bases.

9. The dependence of the country on OFWs was never highlighted in the report. Usually, human resources are used for domestic development. Although the remittances of the OFWs are vital, their contribution to the country where they are based in considered as more valuable.

8. Some countries with more complex circumstances have performed better. Indeed, most of our neighbors have experienced higher growth.

7. Economic growth is usually seen in the plight of the citizens. Just imagine this situation. Government officials usually have luxury cars issued for them, staffs and air-conditioned offices. Meanwhile, some areas have only one school with three classrooms and 80 students being taught by 1 teacher.

6. Prices of commodities remain high and there have been misconceptions on the current strength of the peso. It has to be remembered that aspect beyond government's control can affect the value of our currency.

5. Because the government emphasizes more on GDP growth, it is imperative to discuss its components with respect to economic advancement. First, government spending never increased because the budget was reenacted. Supplemental budget was insufficient to translate growth.

4. Moreover, investments have been focused on the increasing value of the PSEI. These are stocks and most of us are even unaware of these securities. By and large, investment has to propagate employment and sustain the business sector.

3. Most of the exports that the country provides are still primary and secondary products. Imports, however, have been concentrated to tertiary goods. Definitely, there is a mismatch in the manner in which balance of trade is presented.

2. Consumption is considered as the backbone of the GDP. This needs to increase consistently without considering all other economic indicators. Recent statistics, on the other hand, point out the lack of buying power citizens have. In Manila, it will take more than 700 pesos for a family of 6 to survive. The minimum wage in Manila is way below such requirement. The situation is provinces is worse and can only get worst.

1. The rich continues to get richer and the poor remains in the bottomless pit. When asked about this, the President walked out from a televised press conference. Indeed, that is growth for you.

The government maintains that the practice of sound fundamental of economics have motivated the growth. But the current situation argues such contention. Growth as translated by the government is subjective although its true essence is determined through objective calculation.

Monday, February 19, 2007

The 10 Best Finishing Moves in Wrestling

Growing up, I consider wrestling as one of the most influential activity that I have encountered. Since wrestling is also entertainment, I am also fascinated by the beauty that is embedded in each of the finishing performed by the athletes. Basically, I consider three aspects in ranking wrestling finishing moves. These include the effect, the execution, and the art. it has to be noted though that the moves I will rank were seen in WWE.

10. Figure four leg lock..... Rick Flair made this move famous and was also used by several wrestlers. The pressure is placed on the opponents ankle and the move can really cause immeasurable pain.

9. Frog Splash..... It is hard to imagine someone falling from the top rope to another body. The size of the wrestler is a huge determinant in the effect of the move.

8. Crippler Cross-face.... The Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit made this move popular. This is hard to initiate but the damaging effects can be seen immediately.

7. Sit-down Power bomb..... At present, it is Batista who is making money out of this move. Other variations such as the Last Ride, the Razor's Edge, and the Jackknife are also devastating but less powerful.

6. Cross-face Chicken wing..... This is the move that made Bob Backlund a formidable opponent during the 80s. The fact that this can be executed at the back of the opponent makes it hard to counter.

5. Devastation Device..... The Road Warriors are the most successful tag team in wrestling ever. Once this move is completed, victory for the team is moot and academic.

4. Ankle Lock..... I first saw this submission move from Ken Shamrock and eventually made Kurt Angle a complete wrestler. The twisting can be so damaging that a snapped ankle can be occasionally observed.

3. Banzai Drop..... The idea of a 600 pound man flattening you chest is a nightmare. Yokozuna transformed this seemingly harmless move into one of the most devastating finishing techniques ever witnessed.

2. Sharpshooter..... There are several variations of this move. But the method of execution created by Bret Hart is the finest and the most damaging.

1. Stone Cold Stunner..... I am an avid fan of the Rattlesnake. Aside from the effect, this is easy to do and ignores the weight of the opponent.

I have more electrifying moves that are designed only for entertainment. Other devastating techniques lack the beauty to be appreciated. These 10 have both or at least flashes of beauty and devastation.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

10 Reasons Why Valentine's Day Sucks

I guess it's time to do some reality check on the hype caused by February 14. It seems like an ordinary day, but most people put so much value on it. For some, it is an important event. Others, on the other hand, like to highlight the date on their respective calendars. Don't get me wrong, but it's hard to see any relevance in February 14. I can give you 1 million reasons for this pronouncement. Reality, however, suggests that 10 is reasonable enough.

10. There are men who consider February 14 as the best date to profess their so-called "love" to women who drive their senses. Bad news boys, the date will never save you from a potential dumping.

9. For people in a relationship, February 14 has to be anticipated. Plans are being set and reservations are being made. Well, the end result is time wasted and money in the pockets of businessmen.

8. February 14 is simply overrated. Definitely, this day is no December 25.

7. Aside from November 1 and 2 this is when the flowers become expensive. This is a blatant abuse of the law of supply and demand. Indeed, Adam Smith did not envision this situation.

6. Women think that they should be in their best look, which means that they are entitled to dress for 5 hours. On the other hand, men also have to look good especially the side where their wallets are visible.

5. It is during February 14 that you hear corny dating ideas and proposal that are unimaginable.

4. Play dates of nonsense movies are being reset just to accommodate February 14. Although it's purely a business strategy, the level of irrationality is more noticeable.

3. During February 14, the town is painted in red. December 1 is also a date when the town is painted in red. It is also a coincidence that December 1 is World AIDS Day.

2. Although February 14 is "red", its font color in the calendars is blue. Meaning, it is not a holiday. Translation, there is nothing special about February 14 at least according to the government.

1. Who is St. Valentine anyway? St. Ignatius was never celebrated in this manner. Even other prominent saints remained unnoticed despite of their more gargantuan accomplishments. In summary, February 14 is overrated.

Perhaps you have some objections and those are definitely expected. Call it culture or anything equal to tradition, but February 14 is ordinary. Therefore, it has to be considered as a normal day without any forms of hype.

The Likely 10 - Bold Predictions

Spring training is up and several developments are starting to rumble. Usually, sports analyst give their forecasts before the regular season starts. This is actually premeditated as most of the expected outcomes in the new season are based on last season. Although I am not an expert in baseball, I can see ten events happening this year.

10. Daisuke Matzusaka, the coveted Red Sox import will have an outstanding season. He will challenge Johan Santana and Roy Halladay for the AL CY Young and turn the 'gyroball' into a dreaded arsenal.

9. The NL will witness a two-man race for the league's MVP. The Cardinals' Albert Pujols and the Phillies' Ryan Howard will captivate all baseball fans. On the other hand, Alex Rodriguez will get his third AL MVP besting David Ortiz again.

8. The Chicago Cubs will remain ring-less and its current spending almost amounting to $300 million will not provide expected results. Lou Pinella will be fired and some of their top players will voice out their intentions to be traded.

7. Barry Bonds will break the all-time career home-run record of Hank Aaron this season. Despite of the feat, Bond will be continuously hounded steroids issues and possible federal indictment.

6. Alex Rodriguez will opt to stay with the Yankees, but trade rumors will continue to increase with several getting interested with the talented All-Star.

5. Roger Clemens will defy retirement and will pitch for the Yankees. This means that the Bronx Bombers are sure bets to win the AL East and become a force in the playoffs.

4. In the AL, Cleveland will make a surprise surge and Kansas City will continue to drown in the bottomless pit. On the other hand, the Atlanta Braves will rediscover its lost magic while the Pirates will remain the Pirates.

3. The New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians, and Anaheim Angels will win their respective divisions and Boston Red Sox will complete the cast. The New York Mets, St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers, will have playoff guarantees and the Atlanta Brave will catch the bus.

2. The Boston Red Sox will beat the New York Yankees for the AL crown and the Dodgers will edge the Mets for the NL pennant.

1. The Red Sox will beat the Dodgers in the World Series and David Ortiz will be crowned as the Most Valuable Player.