Monday, February 19, 2007

The 10 Best Finishing Moves in Wrestling

Growing up, I consider wrestling as one of the most influential activity that I have encountered. Since wrestling is also entertainment, I am also fascinated by the beauty that is embedded in each of the finishing performed by the athletes. Basically, I consider three aspects in ranking wrestling finishing moves. These include the effect, the execution, and the art. it has to be noted though that the moves I will rank were seen in WWE.

10. Figure four leg lock..... Rick Flair made this move famous and was also used by several wrestlers. The pressure is placed on the opponents ankle and the move can really cause immeasurable pain.

9. Frog Splash..... It is hard to imagine someone falling from the top rope to another body. The size of the wrestler is a huge determinant in the effect of the move.

8. Crippler Cross-face.... The Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit made this move popular. This is hard to initiate but the damaging effects can be seen immediately.

7. Sit-down Power bomb..... At present, it is Batista who is making money out of this move. Other variations such as the Last Ride, the Razor's Edge, and the Jackknife are also devastating but less powerful.

6. Cross-face Chicken wing..... This is the move that made Bob Backlund a formidable opponent during the 80s. The fact that this can be executed at the back of the opponent makes it hard to counter.

5. Devastation Device..... The Road Warriors are the most successful tag team in wrestling ever. Once this move is completed, victory for the team is moot and academic.

4. Ankle Lock..... I first saw this submission move from Ken Shamrock and eventually made Kurt Angle a complete wrestler. The twisting can be so damaging that a snapped ankle can be occasionally observed.

3. Banzai Drop..... The idea of a 600 pound man flattening you chest is a nightmare. Yokozuna transformed this seemingly harmless move into one of the most devastating finishing techniques ever witnessed.

2. Sharpshooter..... There are several variations of this move. But the method of execution created by Bret Hart is the finest and the most damaging.

1. Stone Cold Stunner..... I am an avid fan of the Rattlesnake. Aside from the effect, this is easy to do and ignores the weight of the opponent.

I have more electrifying moves that are designed only for entertainment. Other devastating techniques lack the beauty to be appreciated. These 10 have both or at least flashes of beauty and devastation.


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