Monday, February 26, 2007

Ten Count: Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao recently changed his direction from boxing to politics. Before his dramatic and phenomenal rise to fame, I used to see him in a boxing program called Blow by Blow. In that show, Pacquiao has demonstrated his power and sheer determination to succeed. Although I respect Pacquiao as a boxer, he appears to be highly overrated. I have more than enough reasons to justify my claim, and I will name the 10 most glaring realities.

10. Pacquiao never had a sterling amateur boxing career, which most of the greatest boxers had. It is evident in his techniques and basic foundations.

9. The resurgence of Pacquiao has to be credited to Freddie Roach. The world renowned trainer is highly responsible for whatever Pacquiao can do inside the ring.

8. Power and speed aside, the physical facets of Pacquiao is a major problem. Assuming that he will decide to move up in the weight classifications, his chances of winning will be slim.

7. In boxing patience is always a virtue. It is a pity that Pacquiao is easily overpowered by frustration when unable to connect.

6. Methodical and deliberate boxers can easily handle Pacquiao. Once his opponent realizes this, the Pacman is doomed. Just remember Juan Manuel Marquez.

5. The most compelling weakness of Pacquiao is his inability to withstand body punches. Eventually, this hole will be exposed by one of his adversaries.

4. Pacquiao is in a generation when most of the prized fighters are either washed up or beginning to decline. Indeed, Pacquiao defeated an "old" Barrera and and "aging" Morales.

3. Slowly, the head of Pacquiao bloated. His decision to avoid some of the better fighters today will haunt him in the future.

2. Pacquiao may not be in his 30s, but his body is starting to deteriorate. He started boxing at 17 and that will ultimately spell trouble.

1. Finally, Pacman is still one-dimensional. Despite all the makeovers done by Roach, Pacquiao will never attain what others have.

Since Pacquiao is not that a master in his own craft, then I suggest that he get out of politics.


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