Sunday, March 4, 2007

2007 Mid-term Elections: Ten Candidates who will Win

In my vocabulary, politics is a bankrupt issue. Despite of this contention, I will reserve this day's post for an important political discussion. At present the Commission of Elections is in the process of filtering the list of candidates and has started eliminating nuisance candidates. Becasue of my inherent nature to make predictions, I will list ten candidates who will likely be part of the new Senate.

10. Aquino..... Although he is not as charismatic as his father, Noynoy has his own share of upsides. Moreover, bringing in a young and qualified blood in the Senate will improve the tarnished institution.

9. Pangilinan..... In politics. having one of the most popular celebrity for a wife is a huge plus. Although Kiko has the credentials, his affinity with Sharon Cuneta will be the determinant of his success.

8. Angara..... This man is synonymous to to Philippine politics. Despite of his political preferences, he is still a tough dog and a sure bet in the senate.

7. Sotto..... His popularity is unquestionable being one of the anchors of the longest running show on television. In addition, he has done quite enough laws to separate him from his peers.

6. Villar..... The king of markets is also the richest politician. The resources will make him a formidable candidate this coming elections.

5. Legarda..... She has topped the senatorial race before and being on top again is a possibility. Losing the vice presidential race also gave her some valuable lessons.

4. Cayetano..... He has been the man of the hour and the most likely threat to the administration. Since the government is still in question, then Cayetano will likely be the one voted by the people to raise the queries.

3. Arroyo..... He is not a relative of the President. Despite of his age and size, this man represents the ideal senator.

2. Escudero..... The spokesperson of the opposition needs a place in the Senate. If he wins, then I can say that Filipinos are already intelligent voters.

1. Lacson..... He has never used the pork barrel alloted for him. That alone is enough for Lacson to win because such feat is rare in politics.

Given the machinery and resources of the administrations, these proposed ranking can change. The possibility of cheating also looms and that will likely be a major concern.