Monday, March 12, 2007

First and 10

The training held last Saturday had its share of rants and raves. Although the rants are more compelling, this post is totally dedicated to the good side of the event. After all, it is fun that we seek and it was fun that we got.

10. Attending the training is better that staying at home and sleeping all day. Even on Saturdays, we have to be productive.

9. It is great to once in a while be separated from the realities in the workplace. The event was perfect to unload the burden.

8. Nature will always matter. So much for the smoke and noise that greet us before and after office hours.

7. Breaking that monotony is a cool thing. Doing it is a semi-far place with a suitable surrounding is cooler.

6. Perhaps it is the only time when I was able to play billiards, badminton, and basketball in the span of 2 hours. At least i was able to do some needed exercise.

5. Since several people were absent, there were spare food for the extra space in my stomach. Since I did some activities, abundant food is important to maintain the balance.

4. The activities were surprisingly fun. I guess such situations only happen when Dondon is in full throttle.

3. Fortunately for the team, the facilitator assigned to handle the group looks like Maui Taylor. Enough said.

2. The swimming part will always be important. Also, several slide shows were made including Dundee's decent from above.

1. Scenic views were everywhere during the event. As the pictures suggest, this thing of beauty will always be a joy forever.