Sunday, March 25, 2007

Broad Sheets = Bored Shits?

I started reading dailies when I was 7 and I liked the idea of browsing through one of the most powerful tools mass media produced. But as my enjoyment for such activity increased, I slowly realized that the quality of newspapers was destined for deterioration. Definitely, there are several explanations to such observation and below is the list that justifies my vivid claim.

10. The swarming advertisements in newspapers are downright sickening. On Sundays, for instance, commercials instantly dominate the pages.

9. It appears that newspaper owners have started to learn the value of Economics. As the demand increases, prices will definitely follow.

8. Balance is an important aspect in delivering facts. Unfortunately, balance is a word that newspapers fail to recognize.

7. Among the different instruments that media hold, broad sheets continue to be hounded by bad marketing. It appears that the trend will continue for an undetermined period.

6. Distribution is always a key to succeed in the newspaper industry. Too bad places where airports are inexistent fail to read the headlines.

5. Most of the articles, based on my observation have become more partisan. Favorable news were auctioned and the highest bidder gets the nod.

4. Incompetent writers have become residents of newspapers. Even simple grammatical errors are left unchecked.

3. Newspapers tend to focus on several useless sections. The number of pages dedicated to entertainment greatly exceeds the pages allocated for more important aspects.

2. The existence of the Internet as a powerful substitute is evident. This easily explain the reasons why newspapers have shifted to the business side of media.

1. Since nothing interesting is happening, it is unimaginable to read any of the dailies. Indeed, it is a waste of effort and money.