Sunday, April 15, 2007

To vote of not to vote.....

After a temporary hiatus, the legal two-time is back in business. This time, I have decided to make the posts more organized. At least readers can expect something for the day instead of the usual unpredictable discussions.

Since its Monday, I would like to discuss politics. The midterm election is approaching and I will provide reasons why I will and I will not vote.

I will not vote because.....

  • I am registered in a place miles away where I am currently residing. Technically, I will never be able to cast my vote.
  • There is a possibility that the election will be rigged. Wait a minute, the election will definitely be rigged.
  • The election has become highly commercialized. Since the campaign period, money has been flowing to create all election paraphernalia.
  • Based on the list of candidates provided by the COMELEC, it appears that the quality of candidates continue to dwindle. Just imagine choosing among entertainers, clowns, and traditional politicians.
  • Elections have passed and nothing significant has happened. This is why several voters have decided not to vote again.

I will vote because.....

  • I am a taxpayer. My payslip suggests that more than 2,000 Php goes to the government and a portion of it will be used for the elections.
  • Some of the candidates deserve the position they are aspiring for. Indeed, my vote will serve as an affirmation.
  • It is hard to imagine that the one vote I will contribute will affect the results. But weird things happen during such exercise.
  • The Philippine Constitution states that the right to suffrage is a privilege. Exercising such option is an act of conformity to state norms.
  • Perhaps the only legitimate way to promote change is through an election. Street protests will never push for change and other mechanisms will only make the situation worse.

Since I am not voting, my right to complain against the government is curtailed. To all voters, I have a suggestion that you can consider. Allow the past to affect you reflection, consider the present in making a manifestation, and weigh the future before making a decision.


THE ANiTOKiD said...

very well said!

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