Sunday, March 25, 2007

Broad Sheets = Bored Shits?

I started reading dailies when I was 7 and I liked the idea of browsing through one of the most powerful tools mass media produced. But as my enjoyment for such activity increased, I slowly realized that the quality of newspapers was destined for deterioration. Definitely, there are several explanations to such observation and below is the list that justifies my vivid claim.

10. The swarming advertisements in newspapers are downright sickening. On Sundays, for instance, commercials instantly dominate the pages.

9. It appears that newspaper owners have started to learn the value of Economics. As the demand increases, prices will definitely follow.

8. Balance is an important aspect in delivering facts. Unfortunately, balance is a word that newspapers fail to recognize.

7. Among the different instruments that media hold, broad sheets continue to be hounded by bad marketing. It appears that the trend will continue for an undetermined period.

6. Distribution is always a key to succeed in the newspaper industry. Too bad places where airports are inexistent fail to read the headlines.

5. Most of the articles, based on my observation have become more partisan. Favorable news were auctioned and the highest bidder gets the nod.

4. Incompetent writers have become residents of newspapers. Even simple grammatical errors are left unchecked.

3. Newspapers tend to focus on several useless sections. The number of pages dedicated to entertainment greatly exceeds the pages allocated for more important aspects.

2. The existence of the Internet as a powerful substitute is evident. This easily explain the reasons why newspapers have shifted to the business side of media.

1. Since nothing interesting is happening, it is unimaginable to read any of the dailies. Indeed, it is a waste of effort and money.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Belting the 10th Octave

I have always been attracted to great singers. Looks never matter, but the voice definitely will. There are several artists that I admire because of their vocal prowess. Aside from the power singers, good old fashioned artists with angelic voices will fit in my list.

10. Carrie Underwood..... She looks like Reese Witherspoon and a classic country girl. Behind those looks, her voice melts my heart.

9. Norah Jones..... Her songs are masterpieces. The best thing about her is that she can cure my deficiency in sleeping.

8. Shania Twain..... The classic version of beauty with a voice. I like her when she wears sexy clothes and sing those country songs.

7. Kelly Clarkson..... America's darling can definitely sing. After winning the inaugural season of American Idol, she vindicated most of the people who voted for her.

6. Barbra Streisand..... Classic music and tunes are like flowers that eternally bloom. Indeed, Barbra is an all-around performer.

5. Celine Dion..... Voice power coupled with control is her main forte. She has mesmerized millions of hearts and those include mine.

4. Beyonce Knowles..... I have to say that she is the most complete artist aside Barbra Streisand. I have always wished that I am Jay-Z.

3. Charlotte Church..... This is where the angelic category falls in place. At the tender age of 13 she has already rocked my world.

2. Whitney Houston..... Her current problems will never overshadow the accomplishments she had made. Also, she is probably the best singer ever.

1. Christina Aguilera..... The most technically gifted singer alive. When she sings, life becomes profound and meaningful. Fascinating!

I realized that I made several omissions in my list. In this post, however, it is always my call. Period!

Monday, March 19, 2007


Although my name is unique is sucks big time. I had always wished my name was different, unfortunately its impossible (RA 9255 stinks). Through the years of immersing myself in front of the television, I have heard millions of nicknames. Perhaps I can list some of my favorites and let's see what's yours.

10. The Genetic Jackhammer..... This is Vince McMahon's creation and one of the finest in the business. This is superior complex at its best.

9. The Great Cornholio..... Beavis maybe dumb, but his alter ego is one of the coolest. Just add some caffeine, chocolate, and cola and your world will be rocked.

8. The Franchise..... For a lame duck like Steve Francis, this brand is definitely inappropriate. The name still rocks though and deserves to be on this list.

7. The Rattlesnake..... This post will not be complete without Stone Cold. The name speaks for the baddest wrestler ever.

6. The Excellence of Execution..... If you want technical perfection, then Bret Hart is your man. I have been a fan ever since and ranks him as one of the best.

5. The Caped Crusader..... It appears that Batman's nickname will rarely suggest super powers. Don't be fooled because he is more super that the others.

4. The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment..... Do you smell what The Rock is cooking. This is indeed a captivating catchphrase.

3. The Baby Face Assassin..... Despite his loss to Marquez, Marco Antonio Barrera still remains supreme. More important, his monicker will forever be cool.

2. His Airness..... There is no doubt that Michael Jordan deserves royalty. Add some creativity and style and the Airness was born.

1. The Fat Guy with no Money.....This is my all time favorite. After all, the best nickname has to fit you perfectly.

Tell me your name and I will tell you who you are. Sweet!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Jupiter ten-timed......

I am a non-believer of destiny.... But I am certain that planets affect my life. Taking a routine online quiz, I found out that Jupiter inspire me more than Pluto... Well Pluto is gone, but Jupiter is here to stay.

Actually, the wheel of fortune was my card, given any preference, Jupiter seems to fit my personality....

Come to think of it.... I like two elements that Jupiter conforms to: balance and luck... Sweet!

The Two-timer Meets His Alter-ego

After a short quiz, I just realized that I am Batman.....

The results of the quiz suggest that my inclination to the following have led to such conclusion:

  • I am dark
  • I love gadgets
  • I am willing to help the oppressed
This is cool since Batman is the best of them all. Even without the super powers, he proved that money and brains can take you to places.

10talizing Beauty

I have always appreciated beauty within and beyond my sight. Perhaps it is a common thing for men to list their all-time most beautiful women. Indeed, it is a pleasure on my part to write something about the wonders walking on God's green earth. Although I have written several names in my pad, my utmost goal is to create that one perfect woman who will embody all the attitudes I prefer.

10. Body..... In this category, choosing Jennifer Lopez is moot and academic. I have always dreamed of touching her butt. It's priceless!

9. Face..... Some prefer the angelic and weird choices include exotic. But I have been a fan of assassins and Natalie Portman fits such description.

8. Smile..... This facet is so important to me. There are several good smiles out there, but I have to single out Cameron Diaz' heart sweeping smile.

7. Acting..... I have always been a fan of Charlize Theron. Despite the Oscar trophy, she is still underrated as an actress.

6. Singing..... Aside from the beauty from the outside, the women I am designing has to be a good singer. Well, Christina Aguilera is not your average singer.

5. Wealth..... If there is anything good about Paris Hilton, it is her wealth. She is filthy rich and that makes her part of my plans. This is amazing!

4. Stance..... When you can talk the talk, you also have to walk the walk. Even when walking or standing still, beauty has to emanate. Is Cindy Crawford in the house?

3. Attitude..... Angelina Jolie once said that movie producers are paying her millions for a nonsense job. She is frank isn't she?

2. Humility..... Beauty and humility are like oil and water. Kate Winslett, however, found a way to mix both.

1. Overall Beauty..... There is no doubt that Princess Diana owns this title. No one will argue with this choice I guess.

I know different people have varied perceptions on beauty. Although my choices are debatable, some of the names are hard to erase. Beauty is indeed eternal when appreciated.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ten Sources of Laughter

Laughter is a way of life. It is hard to imagine a world without people breaking their gums just to express feelings of enjoyment. I myself have encountered several instances when I have to laugh out loud. I want to share some of these situations and I hope these make sense.

10. Beverly Hills Ninja..... May the soul of this film's main star rest in peace. The movie was hilarious and deserves to be included in this list.

9. Two-and-a-half Man..... I have been an avid fan of this sitcom. It reminds me of the way we communicate at home and the communication creates the laughter.

8. Balakubak..... This is a segment in the show Nuts Entertainment. It is strangely funny and the lines are creatively delivered.

7. Jim Carey..... After 8 years of watching him, I finally realized that he is Canadian. Forget about the citizenship, this guy is a certified hit.

6. South Park..... I always love the Merry F*****G Christmas song and Kyle's Mom is a B***c. The animation stinks, but the the laughter is unlimited.

5. Pugad Baboy..... Pol Medina, Jr. is a genius with his caricatures and satire. Aside from the jokes, it promotes social awareness.

4. Dwayne Johnson..... His monologues are classic and the way he trash talks makes me giggle so hard. If you smell what The Rock is cooking.

3. Three Stooges..... Dumb shows are really funny and the trio of misfits added several twists to their rackets. As what Curly often says, "I am a victim of a circumstance."

2. SNL..... The battle between between Alex Trebek and Sean Connery in Celebrity Jeopardy is unbeatable. This show is sweet.

1. Beavis and Butthead..... The immortal dumb asses have really swept my funny bones away. Their lines are incomparable and their innuendos will always be remembered.

If you think laughter is the best medicine, then a suggest to take a daily dose of these. You will get you money's worth and that's a guarantee.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Marching 10

The NFL is in hibernation, the NBA is preparing for the playoffs, the MLB is knocking at the door, and the NHL is still NHL. Given these realities, it is time to highlight the most important event in March which is the madness created by college basketball. After picking my bracket busters, here are the possible team that will lift the crown when the madness is over.

10. Duke..... For a perennial contender, this is way too low. But judging at their season, the Blue Devils were inconsistent. The Dukies, however, are hard to underestimate especially at this point.

9. Pittsburgh..... This is a tough team to beat when they are on a streak. It is important for Aaron Gray to be consistent and for the others to follow his lead.

8. Oral Roberts..... Indeed, this team has a slim chance in winning it all. But March Madness is all about surprises and I am sensing that Oral Roberts will amaze the world.

7. Texas Tech..... Aside from the Oral Roberts, another team will make a surprise. I have this feeling that Tech will create some interesting situations.

6. Texas..... Before Durant will jump to the pro league, he has to make an indelible mark in the tournament. He has the stuff, but his teammates have to significantly contribute.

5. North Carolina..... The team is complete and can make a serious run in the tourney. But the team is in the toughest division so goodluck.

4. Florida..... The Gators are tough only after 7 players, which will impact their chances negatively as the tournament progresses. By the way, repeats are rare and Florida will fall early.

3. Ohio St...... Greg Oden is a rare specimen and Conley slowly evolves into a quality court general. Inexperience will be a key to success and the Buckeyes greatly lack that aspect.

2. Kansas..... Year after year, Kansas has been ranked high, but also fall short in the tournament. This year will be different and better results will be realized once Rush starts to assert his game.

1. Georgetown..... It has been a while since the Hoyas made some noise. Top-ranked teams are usually a tad short and G'town will take advantage of that situation.

Although these are just predictions, there are events that will definitely happen. There will be upsets, the best team will lift the crown, and basketball heroes will be made.

Monday, March 12, 2007

First and 10

The training held last Saturday had its share of rants and raves. Although the rants are more compelling, this post is totally dedicated to the good side of the event. After all, it is fun that we seek and it was fun that we got.

10. Attending the training is better that staying at home and sleeping all day. Even on Saturdays, we have to be productive.

9. It is great to once in a while be separated from the realities in the workplace. The event was perfect to unload the burden.

8. Nature will always matter. So much for the smoke and noise that greet us before and after office hours.

7. Breaking that monotony is a cool thing. Doing it is a semi-far place with a suitable surrounding is cooler.

6. Perhaps it is the only time when I was able to play billiards, badminton, and basketball in the span of 2 hours. At least i was able to do some needed exercise.

5. Since several people were absent, there were spare food for the extra space in my stomach. Since I did some activities, abundant food is important to maintain the balance.

4. The activities were surprisingly fun. I guess such situations only happen when Dondon is in full throttle.

3. Fortunately for the team, the facilitator assigned to handle the group looks like Maui Taylor. Enough said.

2. The swimming part will always be important. Also, several slide shows were made including Dundee's decent from above.

1. Scenic views were everywhere during the event. As the pictures suggest, this thing of beauty will always be a joy forever.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

2007 Mid-term Elections: Ten Candidates who will Win

In my vocabulary, politics is a bankrupt issue. Despite of this contention, I will reserve this day's post for an important political discussion. At present the Commission of Elections is in the process of filtering the list of candidates and has started eliminating nuisance candidates. Becasue of my inherent nature to make predictions, I will list ten candidates who will likely be part of the new Senate.

10. Aquino..... Although he is not as charismatic as his father, Noynoy has his own share of upsides. Moreover, bringing in a young and qualified blood in the Senate will improve the tarnished institution.

9. Pangilinan..... In politics. having one of the most popular celebrity for a wife is a huge plus. Although Kiko has the credentials, his affinity with Sharon Cuneta will be the determinant of his success.

8. Angara..... This man is synonymous to to Philippine politics. Despite of his political preferences, he is still a tough dog and a sure bet in the senate.

7. Sotto..... His popularity is unquestionable being one of the anchors of the longest running show on television. In addition, he has done quite enough laws to separate him from his peers.

6. Villar..... The king of markets is also the richest politician. The resources will make him a formidable candidate this coming elections.

5. Legarda..... She has topped the senatorial race before and being on top again is a possibility. Losing the vice presidential race also gave her some valuable lessons.

4. Cayetano..... He has been the man of the hour and the most likely threat to the administration. Since the government is still in question, then Cayetano will likely be the one voted by the people to raise the queries.

3. Arroyo..... He is not a relative of the President. Despite of his age and size, this man represents the ideal senator.

2. Escudero..... The spokesperson of the opposition needs a place in the Senate. If he wins, then I can say that Filipinos are already intelligent voters.

1. Lacson..... He has never used the pork barrel alloted for him. That alone is enough for Lacson to win because such feat is rare in politics.

Given the machinery and resources of the administrations, these proposed ranking can change. The possibility of cheating also looms and that will likely be a major concern.