Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ten Sources of Laughter

Laughter is a way of life. It is hard to imagine a world without people breaking their gums just to express feelings of enjoyment. I myself have encountered several instances when I have to laugh out loud. I want to share some of these situations and I hope these make sense.

10. Beverly Hills Ninja..... May the soul of this film's main star rest in peace. The movie was hilarious and deserves to be included in this list.

9. Two-and-a-half Man..... I have been an avid fan of this sitcom. It reminds me of the way we communicate at home and the communication creates the laughter.

8. Balakubak..... This is a segment in the show Nuts Entertainment. It is strangely funny and the lines are creatively delivered.

7. Jim Carey..... After 8 years of watching him, I finally realized that he is Canadian. Forget about the citizenship, this guy is a certified hit.

6. South Park..... I always love the Merry F*****G Christmas song and Kyle's Mom is a B***c. The animation stinks, but the the laughter is unlimited.

5. Pugad Baboy..... Pol Medina, Jr. is a genius with his caricatures and satire. Aside from the jokes, it promotes social awareness.

4. Dwayne Johnson..... His monologues are classic and the way he trash talks makes me giggle so hard. If you smell what The Rock is cooking.

3. Three Stooges..... Dumb shows are really funny and the trio of misfits added several twists to their rackets. As what Curly often says, "I am a victim of a circumstance."

2. SNL..... The battle between between Alex Trebek and Sean Connery in Celebrity Jeopardy is unbeatable. This show is sweet.

1. Beavis and Butthead..... The immortal dumb asses have really swept my funny bones away. Their lines are incomparable and their innuendos will always be remembered.

If you think laughter is the best medicine, then a suggest to take a daily dose of these. You will get you money's worth and that's a guarantee.


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