Sunday, March 18, 2007

10talizing Beauty

I have always appreciated beauty within and beyond my sight. Perhaps it is a common thing for men to list their all-time most beautiful women. Indeed, it is a pleasure on my part to write something about the wonders walking on God's green earth. Although I have written several names in my pad, my utmost goal is to create that one perfect woman who will embody all the attitudes I prefer.

10. Body..... In this category, choosing Jennifer Lopez is moot and academic. I have always dreamed of touching her butt. It's priceless!

9. Face..... Some prefer the angelic and weird choices include exotic. But I have been a fan of assassins and Natalie Portman fits such description.

8. Smile..... This facet is so important to me. There are several good smiles out there, but I have to single out Cameron Diaz' heart sweeping smile.

7. Acting..... I have always been a fan of Charlize Theron. Despite the Oscar trophy, she is still underrated as an actress.

6. Singing..... Aside from the beauty from the outside, the women I am designing has to be a good singer. Well, Christina Aguilera is not your average singer.

5. Wealth..... If there is anything good about Paris Hilton, it is her wealth. She is filthy rich and that makes her part of my plans. This is amazing!

4. Stance..... When you can talk the talk, you also have to walk the walk. Even when walking or standing still, beauty has to emanate. Is Cindy Crawford in the house?

3. Attitude..... Angelina Jolie once said that movie producers are paying her millions for a nonsense job. She is frank isn't she?

2. Humility..... Beauty and humility are like oil and water. Kate Winslett, however, found a way to mix both.

1. Overall Beauty..... There is no doubt that Princess Diana owns this title. No one will argue with this choice I guess.

I know different people have varied perceptions on beauty. Although my choices are debatable, some of the names are hard to erase. Beauty is indeed eternal when appreciated.


Cindylover1969 said...

There is no doubt that Princess Diana owns this title. No one will argue with this choice I guess.

You wanna bet on that?

I AM SAM said...

I don't think we can bet on it... But we can talk 'bout it.... Raise your point..

THE ANiTOKiD said...

hear hear! no doubt about it! i love my princess diana too! one of my favorite collectibles, e.g., stamps, commemorative plates, everything!

花生豆花Alex said...