Monday, March 19, 2007


Although my name is unique is sucks big time. I had always wished my name was different, unfortunately its impossible (RA 9255 stinks). Through the years of immersing myself in front of the television, I have heard millions of nicknames. Perhaps I can list some of my favorites and let's see what's yours.

10. The Genetic Jackhammer..... This is Vince McMahon's creation and one of the finest in the business. This is superior complex at its best.

9. The Great Cornholio..... Beavis maybe dumb, but his alter ego is one of the coolest. Just add some caffeine, chocolate, and cola and your world will be rocked.

8. The Franchise..... For a lame duck like Steve Francis, this brand is definitely inappropriate. The name still rocks though and deserves to be on this list.

7. The Rattlesnake..... This post will not be complete without Stone Cold. The name speaks for the baddest wrestler ever.

6. The Excellence of Execution..... If you want technical perfection, then Bret Hart is your man. I have been a fan ever since and ranks him as one of the best.

5. The Caped Crusader..... It appears that Batman's nickname will rarely suggest super powers. Don't be fooled because he is more super that the others.

4. The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment..... Do you smell what The Rock is cooking. This is indeed a captivating catchphrase.

3. The Baby Face Assassin..... Despite his loss to Marquez, Marco Antonio Barrera still remains supreme. More important, his monicker will forever be cool.

2. His Airness..... There is no doubt that Michael Jordan deserves royalty. Add some creativity and style and the Airness was born.

1. The Fat Guy with no Money.....This is my all time favorite. After all, the best nickname has to fit you perfectly.

Tell me your name and I will tell you who you are. Sweet!


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