Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Fantasy 10

I am a huge baseball fan and the upcoming season has given me that immesurable excitement. Aside from the games, fantasy baseball also opens it curtains to aficionados and occasional enthusiasts. Basically, this post is dedicated to the likely players I will pick when given the oppotunity to complete a 'dream team'. Although I am not an expert, my picks are based on performances and the ability of the players to deliver the necessary points.

10. David Ortiz (DH)..... For a player who hit 40+ HRs and 120+ RBIs, this slot is automatic. Aside from these stats, Ortiz is clutch and always perform consistently.

9. Ichiro Suzuki (OF)..... Despite of the recent slides, Ichiro is still one of the best lead-off hitters in the Majors. His batting percentage is superior, which means that power hitters will be motivated to play big.

8. Alfonso Soriano (OF)..... The guy has all the upsides to be a top fantasy player. Aside from the power, Soriano has the speed and can be designated as the No. hitter.

7. Vernon Wells (OF)..... This position is loaded with talented players. I picked Wells because he can be good at bat and consistently play well defensively.

6. Jose Reyes (SS)..... This Met dynamo is one of the up and coming stars of the league. Last year was a breakout and this year will be nothing less than phenomenal.

5. Alex Rodriguez (3B)..... The most talented and highest paid player in the league sure have issues. But one thing that favors ARod is his consistent delivery in the plate.

4. Chase Utley (2B)..... I consider Utley the most underrated player in the league. Last year, he had several hitting streaks that have great interest from both fans and media.

3. Albert Pujols (1B)..... The best fantasy team in incomplete without the best player in the league. For the past years, Pujols has been closely included in the MVP balloting and was clearly robbed last year.

2. Joe Mauer (C).... These days, a catcher with great hitting skills is a rare commodity. Although the position is demanding, Mauer responded by leading the league in batting average. The scary thing is that he has yet to reach his prime.

1. Johan Santana (SP).... There is only one word to describe this player; 'dominant'. At times his pitch can be hittable, but most of the time, his stuff is unbelievable.

If I have this players in my MLB team the batting order will look like this: 1. Suzuki; 2. Soriano; 3. Pujols; 4. Ortiz; 5. Rodriguez; 6. Mauer; 7. Reyes; 8. Utley; 9. Wells. Indeed, this team is destined towards fantasy overhaul.